Enjoy a wine tasting party

If you are a fan of wine and you want to celebrate a special occasion with your friends, you can combine these two and have a wine tasting party. You can host this celebration at your place or you can travel somewhere else, where the venue will be perfect and the party will be memorable. Here are some great ideas for venues where you can enjoy a stunning wine tasting party accompanied by a beautiful escort Amsterdam.

Delicious wine around the world

Travel to Ashton, South Africa and check-in at Excelsior Wine Estate & Manor Guesthouse. You will benefit of luxury accommodation in the core of the Robertson Wine Valley, place where the wine tasting parties are wonderful. Join the Excelsior Wine Club with your gorgeous escort Amsterdam and you will both get to taste some of their delicious wines: a deep ruby red Excelsior Evanthius Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, the chocolate-flavoured Excelsior San Louis Shiraz 2012 or the sweet red Excelsior Merlot 2014, among numerous others.

When it comes to wine and parties, French people are peerless. You cannot attend to a wine tasty party, it would not be enough. You must have a one day wine tasting tour in Bordeaux, St Emilion, Bergerac. Be accompanied by a stunning escort Amsterdam and visit the great vineyards of Bordeaux, St. Emilion, the Medoc, Bergerac and Duras in just one day. You will enjoy this wine adventure day tour from the first sip from your first glass of wine to the moment when you will finally get back home.

Have a wine-themed getaway with your sweet escort Amsterdam in Grapevine, which is actually the headquarters of the Texas wine tasting experience. Celebrate the fruit of the wine and wineries in an exquisite atmosphere, relish with the tastes of the strong and bold Texas red wines and try the crisp Texas white wines for an incredible experience. Choose one of the vineyards and wineries spread all over Grapevine and you will remain with delicious memories of the wine tasting party enjoyed with your companion.

The Wine Cellar in Amsterdam will give you the opportunity to experience the New World wines in the heart of Netherlands’ capital city. A stylish escort Amsterdam will offer you her pampering services while you will both enjoy the delicious wine and a fine selection of Mediterranean tapas. The rich flavours of the wine will be emphasized by the cheese and dishes that will be served in The Wine Cellar.

Taste wine with a sexy escort Amsterdam

Visit Barcelona and you will certainly savour the wine you will taste here. Take your lovely escort Amsterdam for a wine-tasting adventure in a Montserrat and Cava Trail Tour. You must go to Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, the nexus of Catalunia’s wine industry. Explore Montserrat Monastery’s basilica, have a tour of the winery’s vast cellars and taste the wonderful wine kept here.

Whether you wish to enjoy a wine-tasting experience in South Africa, Netherlands, Texas, Spain or France, you will have an unforgettable journey if you will be accompanied by an alluring Amsterdam escort. Attend to the wine-tasting party in her company and you will have a remarkable affair together!